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20+ Engaging Expository Essay Topics

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To write an expository essay that is unique you must choose a topic that has not been covered much before. This will intrigue the readers coming across your essay and will prompt them to read it. Today we have put together 20+ expository essay topics that you can choose for your next assignment. Select it based on your interest because we have sorted topics in different categories.

Let’s get started:

Expository Essay Topics on Education

  • How is online education different from attending school in person? How is it same?
  • Describe a typical day at college from different perspective. How is it for a student, professor or administrator?

Expository Essay Topics on Science & Technology

  • How life would be different in next 25 years? How technology will change the pace of living and lifestyle?
  • If you scientifically brilliant what will be your invention and how will it serve the mankind?

Expository Essay Topics on General Issues

  • Court System in India are not hard on minors
  • Traffic police doesn’t follow the laws they enforce
  • Father demanding their children’s custody is denied more often than their dangerous mother demanding it.
  • The elder population are leading a much poorer life than before
  • Criminals with serious offense serve less time violators on probation

Expository Essay Topics on Social Issues

  • How parenting has taken a leap in last 20 years? Is the change good or bad?
  • Pick a country of your choice and tell what social challenge is it facing at the moment?

Expository Essay Topics on Psychology & Philosophy

  • What’s your take on teenage depression? What are the signs and symptoms?
  • What are the sources of stress for students? How can they fight it?

Expository Essay Topics on Restaurants

  • What’s your take on restaurants charging extra for condiments and additional substitutions like extra cheese, vegetables, etc?
  • Why pizza chains use frozen dough?

Expository Essay Topics on Culture

  • Can music influence a society or people from all walks of life in a positive manner? Describe one song that you feel is close to you.
  • Has culture taken a different turn from what your parents and grand parents have experienced?

Expository Essay Topics on Celebrities

  • Why celebrities get lesser penalties upon committing a crime?
  • What life celebrities lead with mass media attention?

Expository Essay Topics on Medicine

  • Do you have the habit of checking medical or hospital bills? Have you come across mishandling often?
  • Why emergency services at hospitals or clinics are expensive even when there are no tests involved?


Hope the topics listed above has one of the categories that you are interested in. In case the topic or category you are looking for is missing you can always reach out to writing my essay for any kind of essay help.

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